Edwards and Ward are very committed to healthy and nutritionally balanced menus within schools.
We follow all relevant and up to date guidelines regarding healthy foods and nutrition as well as working closely with our Nutritionist on every aspect of menu planning.  We involve parents and carers in the Healthy Eating programmes by communicating with them on a regular basis as well as inviting them to meetings, food group forums, taster sessions and sending them appropriate literature via email or through the school website.

Edwards and Ward have achieved “Food for Life Gold” in 2 counties and 6 single sites, a total of 124 schools.

Our registered Nutritionist works closely with our suppliers, cooks and parents to produce suitable menus that the students enjoy and that fulfil dietary requirements if any. It is vital that all parties work together when producing a safe meal that the child will eat to prevent any dangerous reactions, provide a balanced meal and avoid wastage. The Nutritionist works in line with the guidelines advised by the British Dietetic Association, British Nutrition Foundation, the key allergy specialists and she attends regular allergy conferences to keep updated.